Dutch Artist

José Sintnicolaas

About José

José Sintnicolaas is a Dutch artist based in Italy.. After a fulfilling business career she went to the Academy of fine Art in Belgium. At the same time she followed art history courses at Tilburg University and joined a drawing club, drawing nudes.

As a kid she already had a profound love for nature, encouraged by her father and the uncountable hike tours the family made every week and during holidays. She has always had a passion for art and nature.

She has lived Shanghai and  in Singapore, currently she lives in Italy and draws inspiration from these experiences and the many other countries she has travelled to. In 2012 she moved to Shanghai where she started  working as a full time artist.

José loves to work in mixed media, using unusual materials such as glass, paper, plastics, spray ink and paint and exploring new ideas and techniques.  Her artworks are, built up in layers of texture and depth. She likes to be expressive with pallet and brush achieving roughness and softness in her works, preferably on large canvasses.

In Singapore she developed her series ‘Earth’ resulting in an exhibition “Formless within form” in April 2016 where her works were well received.

She exhibited in Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Amsterdam

'My journey has just begun'

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