José Sintnicolaas is a Dutch artist, living in The Netherlands. After a fulfilling business career she went to the Art Academy in Belgium and followed art history courses at Tilburg University at the same time. 

When she moved to China in 1992 this was the opportunity to start working as a professional artist and live her dream.

During the years that she lived in China and South-East Asia she created her series 'Earth'. This is an ode to our planet and originated from admiration to nature and earth, but also out of concern for the destruction by men. She tries to create more awareness through her art that we all should to improve the condidtions on our beautiful earth. Ever since she continued working on this series of artworks.

Her abstract artworks are created with various materials representing the elements of the earth such as glass, sand, stones and paper.

Without a preconceived plan, José creates artworks with often coarse structures which offer space for own interpretation.

The use of these materials should give the viewer the same feeling as one experiences in nature.

From 2012-2021, for nearly 10 years José lived in Shanghai, Singapore and Italy and these years have had an enormous impact on how her artjourney is developing.

José exhibited in Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. Her artworks are in collections all over the world: Japan, China, Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Belgium and The Netherlands. In 2015 her artwork was collected for the Fondazione Collection Imago Mundi in Singapore. In 2019 she was selected and participated at the Biennial in Florence.