Dutch Artist José Sintnicolaas

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José Sintnicolaas is a Dutch artist living in Tilburg, Brabant. After a fulfilling business career in recruitment she went to the Art Academy in Belgium and followed art history courses at Tilburg University and joined a drawing club (drawing nudes) at the same time.

She grew up in a large family with 12 kids and was raised with love for nature, encouraged by her father and the uncountable hike tours the family made every week and during holidays. 

When she moved to Shanghai in 2012 she started working as a professional artist and her art journey began. For the past 9 years she has lived Shanghai, Singapore and Italy . Recently she returned  to the Netherlands and draws inspiration from her experiences and the many other countries she has travelled to.

During the years in Asia, however, she became aware of the massive pollution, destruction and overconsumption on earth. The  impact  of her experience resulted in developing her series ‘Earth’, a celebration of planet earth, being destroyed by humans rapidly. 

José works are mixed media and she is using materials such as glass that represents the mountains on our planet and the paper she uses represents our trees. With rough pieces of glass and other materials she creates a rough structures so the viewer can experience the same feel as in nature.  

She exhibited in Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Italy.

Her artworks are in collections all over the world: Japan, China,  Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Belgium and Netherlands

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