Art with a message


As an artist, I am committed to creating awareness of the importance of sustainability.


I believe that art has the power to inspire people and encourage change. My choice to make works of art with natural materials is in line with the idea of ​​sustainability and respect for our planet. My works offer room for interpretation and give the viewer space to think about how they can contribute to a more sustainable future. After all, sustainability is not only a responsibility of individuals, but also requires a collective effort.


From an early age I have admired nature and the earth. The influence of many years in China and South East Asia, where I saw with my own eyes the enormous damage caused by man, has made me concerned.


In my Earth series I make works of art on linen canvas with a lot of structure made of glass, sand, (natural) stones and paper. These materials depict the elements of the earth and should give the viewer the feeling of what one experiences in nature.